Meet Julia 

I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle, participating in hockey and equestrian sports when I was younger, leading me to a career in physiotherapy. I qualified in 1991 and have gained a breadth of clinical experience of all age groups and movement abilities and the rewards of facilitating recovery from injury and enhancing performance.


MSc BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy MMACP  Certified Pilates Instructor

Specialist Fields

Physiotherapy, Pilates and JEMS performance and rehabilitation


I qualified from Manchester University in 1991 and have gained a breadth of experience in both the NHS and the private and sporting sector in the UK, Zimbabwe and New Zealand. From a broad base, physiotherapy foundation, I then specialised in Musculoskeletal physiotherapy, taking exams to gain membership of the Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in 2001 and then a Masters in Physiotherapy at UEL in 2004.

I have worked in a variety of sports clinics including the Scottish National Stadium at Hampden Park and the Abbey Clinic at Bisham National Sports Centre and with all age groups and their differing needs and challenges and worked as a clinical specialist in back pain in the NHS. Alongside traditional manual techniques, I recently undertook training for the assessment and treatment of vestibular dizziness.

 Rehabilitation is a very important part of my treatments. I am a qualified Pilates instructor (The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) and have completed training as a JEMS practitioner ( This has revolutionised my approach to injury and performance assessment and rehabilitation. JEMS is a functional rehabilitation approach exploring simple movement relationships and the forces acting upon the body as we move and identifying why the body does not withstand these forces, resulting in injury. This applies equally to all ages, from the casual golfer to the elite gymnast, the sedentary worker to the manual labourer. Any loss in a range of movement and strength is addressed, whilst re-establishing efficient flowing movement and force management through the body by neuromuscular retraining and re-establishing the elastic connection, efficient pain-free movement can be restored.

I look forward to helping you to achieve your movement goals!