July 2021: Although restrictions have been lifted in England, we have taken the decision to continue wearing PPE, in line with our governing bodies advice and to continue protecting our patients whilst in our clinic. We are also asking all patients to continue to wear a face covering, which can include a face visor.

We are offering all services face to face, with online appointments also available for physiotherapy.

If you develop any symptoms of Covid 19, even if it is on the day of y our appointment, we would ask you to phone us to cancel your appointment.  We can then reschedule it when you are better or offer an online appointment if appropriate.

We continue to take the following steps to minimise the risk of infection:

  • Patients  to arrive just before appointment time.
  • Patients  to attend appointments on their own unless under 16 or requiring assistance from a partner / carer
  • PPE for clinicians and mask/visor worn by patients
  • Hand sanitiser in reception and treatment rooms
  • Disinfecting of treatment rooms between patients and increasing protocols.

If you would like a more visual understanding of how it will work, take a look at the video below.

If you are in need of treatment and would like to discuss the best option for you, please call us 01666 714119. We want to make sure we can deliver effective treatment but your safety remains our priority.

Best wishes

The Courtyard Team