What does it mean?

Take some time out for yourself. We are all pulled in many different directions, so it is time to stop and take care of yourself. Some things you could do are take a walk or a run (does not matter how long as it needs to be enjoyable for you), start/continue reading a book, have a long luxurious bath, meditate (even 5 minutes makes a difference). I do a guided relaxation (with CD given out at the end of your first session) to help you relax. Reflexology. Book a massage. Book a facial/manicure/pedicure. Change your hairstyle or hair colour. Bake. These are just some ideas I have had but the most important message is to do something you enjoy.

How can you do it?

Reframe how you are looking at things. Focus on what you can do, not cannot do. During this Pandemic, we have all faced challenges but if we focus on what we can do, the world opens a bit more. Make sure you start with small steps, not planning something you know you are unable to achieve.

How would you like to feel after you have done it?

The brain cannot tell the difference between imagination and reality so if you put a doing picture of how you would like to feel, rather than how you don’t want to feel, that picture embeds itself in your subconscious.

What will tell you that you feel better?

You wake up feeling brighter, more energetic, more enthusiastic, more relaxed. You can plan things more easily and get a real sense of achievement

How will you implement this into your daily/weekly life?

Tell yourself when you will do it, what day, what time – make it realistic so it fits into your life. Once you have given your brain this directive, it will listen.

Need more help?

Contact the Durlsey Clinic  01453 548119, to book an online appointment to see Karla Howes, Clinical Hypnotherapist. She will give you the tools to deal with the issues affecting your life and guide you to a new way of thinking.