Physiotherapy from our Malmesbury Clinic

Day to day life can be hard on our bodies. Whether you are suffering from back and neck pain, require treatment from an injury, or are struggling following a muscular strain, our physiotherapy team in Malmesbury can help you.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is about helping people of all ages achieve their maximum potential through movement and function. It is the treatment and prevention of pain, injury or disability through exercise and hands-on therapy.

 On the day of your appointment, our physiotherapists will provide you with the best advice for your particular circumstances and ensure that you fully understand what has impacted your body and how the recommended treatment and exercise can lead to positive results.

Common Conditions

Physiotherapy can help treat a large variety of conditions. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Back and neck pain (including headaches)
  • Joint injuries
  • Muscular tears and strains
  • Nerve injuries

We also have access to specialists providing rehabilitation post-operatively, for neurological, women’s health and chronic pain conditions.

What to expect from our appointment with our Malmesbury team

Experience tells us that no two pain sufferers are the same, there are common patterns but your particular presentation will be unique and the key to good care is a thorough analysis. On the day of your initial appointment, we will assess, diagnose and clinically reason your problem. You’ll be told what is wrong and what you need to do to get better.

Your Tailored Treatment Plan

With your physiotherapist, you will agree on a treatment plan designed specifically to benefit your recovery and personal improvement. This plan will be revisited during each appointment to ensure you are making the progress we expect. Treatment is very much hands-on at Courtyard Clinic in Malmesbury with a focus on all of you, not necessarily just the bit that is hurting.

What will it cost?


Physiotherapy Fees

Intial Assessment £45 Dyson – £40.50
Follow up £39 £35.10
16 and under – consultation £37  
16 and under treatment £31  

Physiotherapy Home Visits Fees

1 hr £65
¾ hr £60
½ hr £45
Acupuncturists, Chiropodists – We are listed on Physiotherapists locally

Meet Our Malmesbury Physiotherapists

Courtyard Clinic Malmesbury hosts a number of fantastic Physiotherapists with years of experience and more qualifications than we can count on both hands. 

Meet Matt, Ed, Melanie and Monika by following the link below. 

Here’s What Our Clients Think of Us

For Mel (Pilates)

“Made me feel so much better. I have been able to jump for the first time in many many years. Such a remarkable improvement. Thank you so much!”

For Matt

“Just a note of thanks for ‘sticking’ my body back together yet again. I ran the Standish Woodland Chase, nearly 10 miles up and down terrain. Never done that distance before, was aiming for 5 miles only, then thought what the heck – walk/run the rest. And I can walk this week!!”

For Jo (Physiotherapy)

“I have to say that in all my years, working and coaching, and being treated myself, that was one of the finest pieces of work I’ve ever witnessed. My daughter is a very complex, head strong young lady. I am truly in awe of the way Jo took on the mental and physical challenges in a way she could accept. Very grateful for all you’ve done”         

 For Ed

“He took great care to listen to the feedback at each session and re-evaluate his next planned course of activity, giving me great confidence that the recovery was working – which it did!”

Ready to Make a Change?

Making that first appointment is the most important part. If you’re not quite sure what you need don’t worry, give us a call or send an email. Our job is to help you find the best way forward with the most appropriate treatment plan or class for you.